How it works

We're here to give you the best possible advice to ensure that you look and feel your best. We offer the finest quality made-to-measure suits and separates. With a wide selection of fabrics, fits and styling options, we guide you to the perfect wardrobe.

  1. Book appointment

We operate by appointment at your location. So please contact us via “Book appointment” to schedule a meeting and choose your own time and space. Depending on your location, we are happy to come to you for a private at home or in-office appointment.


2. First fitting

An appointment takes between 40 and 60 minutes. Excluding a coffeebreak. We guide you through all the decisions that go into making your suit and do all the measurements so we make sure your suit will have the perfect fit.


3. Handing over your garment

Within 4 till 6 weeks we contact you for a second appointment. We personally deliver your suit and, have a look if everything is how it was meant to be and carry out the possible final adjustments.


4. From there

We then have your pattern and re-ordering is straightforward. Making changes to your pattern is simple. We can keep as many cuts as you wish. The system works in the same way for shirts.