The Workshop

We work with the best weavers to develop a wide range of cloths for our many different clients. We collaborate with fabric houses in Italy and England such as

Loro Piana, Scabal, Vitale Barberis, Caccioppoli and many more.

Most of the fabric houses we work with have a long tradition of working with the most delicate natural fibers and are conscious of the part played by animals in its work, thanks to their precious wool and hair. Animal welfare is therefore crucial, as without it they would not be able to offer the best that nature provides. They respect and protect the ancestral lifestyle of farmers, who traditionally cherish their herds, and have been working for years hand in hand with animal breeders worldwide. 

  • Through experience, we know and choose only to work with the best possible makers for each specific fabric and product. We do not compromise. Not in work ethics nor quality.

  • We choose to create a product in factories that share our standard of quality. Depending on the product and production, we produce in Italy, China and Poland.

  • Some of the workshops have been a bastion of particular tailoring tradition for over 70 years. These are companies who stand for quality from the beginning.

  • A lot of the tailors we work with create the garments by hand or assist the machines manually. They work in a friendly work environment where safety comes first.

  • We take authentic classic techniques into the most sophisticated modern-day practice. With the focus on quality and value to ensure a lifetime value of every custom garment.